Let's get into your skincare!

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We call it a "decluttering your shelf" consultation or the one that helps you solve the following skin problems: rosacea, demodex, acne, seborrhea, rosacea.  It is a consultation with an amazing cosmetic technologist, a specialist in the natural cosmetics production, a true believer in common sense, cosmetician Ekaterina Rebrova


  • Analyze up to 15 compositions of your skincare or make up products
  • You will understand which of them cam stay and which should go, and which is a dummy in a beautiful jar
  • Get a detailed explanation of how to take care of your (yes specifically your!) skin.
    New skincare will be based on your budget, country of residence and the characteristics of your skin and body in general

    After payment, you will receive an email with a link to a survey on your skin.

    In general, we ask to fill out the survey and send photos of up to 15 compositions of skincare products you in a convenient messenger.

    Next, you will have a call with Ekaterina to discuss your skin and what it needs. After that Ekaterina will send you the necessary recommendations by email.

    Some parts of your skincare could remain but the wrong or pointless one's will be excluded. Or some necessary one's will be added but based on our principal of minimalism and our faith in your own skin and body.

    If you have any skin problems (rosacea, demodex, acne, seborrhea, rosacea), the consultation will also focus on the selection of the necessary gentle skincare and further recommendations. No doctor has cured as many Demodexes as Ekaterina did without any antibiotics, that's for sure.

What people say about Let's get into your skincare!

Dear Ekaterina, I would like to thank you so much for your consultation on how to pick right skincare products. I visited you last week and I already see the result! My skin has become noticeably better and I don't even reach for a foundation anymore.😊 Moreover, I totally revised all my cosmetics following the memo and cleared shelves in my bathroom - there is only minimalism of natural cosmetics there now. Thank you very much for all your comments and your professionalism!
Ekaterina, a year has already passed since our online consultation and I still want to thank you once again! My face is unrecognisable, I so so happy with the result! I've implemented all your recommendations on skincare and cosmetics, almost immediately) What I struggled with is a nutrition! But over time I managed to change it as well! When I reread the recommendations again I realise that they are absolutely realistic and manageble! I am very grateful! Thanks for your hard work! Have a wonderful day! 🌺🌺🌺 "

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2-4 of our products are enough to form your entire skincare routine. So no more cluttered bathrooms shelves!


Our products are made in the United Kingdom and Germany labs and have been awarded with European Union Certificate of Quality


We have created over 1000 different compositions, combined the best of them to produce the most effective ones.


Our products have been highly rated by experts, such as Alona_Eco


Our products are 98,5% natural. Why 98,5%? We use synthetic urea which is an amazing skin moisturiser!


We love animals and do not run tests on them.